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Cartagena Global Supplier S.A.S

Contact: Juan Carlos Arango 

Movil: +57 3215975502



Nit: 900656336-1




"Its objective is provide products and services of high quality, cost effective prices, fast, friendly and efficient professional services delivery."




"Maintenance and cleaning of double bottom tanks and fueling"

Mantenimiento y Limpieza de tanques de cargaMantenimiento y Limpieza de tanques de carga

Rentals Yokohama Marine Rubber Fender 

Redes Sociales

Cartagena Global Supplier 

Ship Chandler  & Ship Repairs


We constantly strive to be a great company. In Cartagena Global Supplier S.A.S.  we are committed to provide quality products and services to our customers. In addition, our efforts extend beyond providing outstanding products and services to those in need. Cartagena Global Supplier S.A.S, work performed logistic assists and participates in various initiatives to continually develop our industry sector and contribute to society. Cartagena Global Supplier S.A.S, is implementing a strategy that will allow you to accelerate growth through innovation and strengthening organizational capabilities and association. Cartagena Global Supplier S.A.S, constantly seeks to develop services that have a greater impact on safety, runtimes and satisfaction to the fulfillment of the classification society.

Offer backed with different sorting houses services and products with warranties

Classification societies

Bureau Veritas (Calibration of equipment)
Lloyds Register (propulsion system repair, inspection, maintenance and system designs Fire)
ABS (Inspection, Maintenance and system designs Fire)
GL (Inspection, Maintenance and system designs Fire)




  • Provisions Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Provisions Beef and Pork.
  • Provisions Drinks and cigarettes
  • Fresh Water Supply 

Transport Service Boat/ Barge:  

  • Transport of crew 
  • Transport pilot
  • Cargo transport on deck 

 Fuel & Oil 

  • Lubricants and oils Supplier
  • Bunker supply

 Removal and disposal 

  • Sludge/Bilge/slop disposal

  • Garbage disposal 

Ship Repair 

  • Ship´s spare parts
  • Propeller and Hull polishing inspection
  • Repair service
  • Auxiliary items
  • Machining Parts (CNC Lathe and Conventional Lathes) 
  • Manufacturing of parts (CNC Lathe and Conventional Lathes)
  • Repairing parts, steel and bronze. 
  • Repairing Shafts, Propellers and Rudder 
  • Supplies electrical parts 
  • Spare Parts and Supplies
  • Supplies Stainless Steel Screws
  • Ship Repair (Certified by LLoydsRegister) 

Fire fighting system (Certified by LLoydsRegister, ABS, GL,) 

  • Inspection and certification of equipment fire
  • Hydrostatic testing and certification of all kinds of high pressure cylinder.
  • Design, supply and installation of equipment fire detection and control
  • Sale of foam mechanics afff, ar-afff, fluroproteinicas and laboratory testing foam mechanics pursuant to rule.
  • Sale and maintenance of breath autonomy (scba)
  • Review and certification of self- contained breathing apparatus (scba) in bank
  • Dynamic computer test posychek 3.
  • Sale dresses and structural approach for firefighting fire.
  • Design, supply and installation of networks of water and fire cabinets.
  • Sale, hydrostatic testing and fire hose reattachment.
  • Maintenance, revision and charging extinguishers.
  • Gas detection equipment biosystems.
  • Laboratory for maintenance of survivair and biosystems.
  • Signs safety specialist.  

Other Services 

  • Other Services: Preventive Maintenance and Calibration of portable analyzers and gas lines, petrochemical laboratoy equipment pressure and temperature  (Certified by Bureau Veritas)
  • Calibration valve (Certified by Bureau Veritas)
  • Underwater Inspection